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Extremes in furniture finishes

Black versus cappuccino versus espresso. Is white, white?
The most difficult finishes for furniture manufacturers are the extremes of black and white. They are hard to produce because the human eye picks up finish irregularities much more easily in these two extremes. A flaw on a pure white chest is much more noticeable than one on a beige chest. The same is true for black.

Not only is it difficult to manufacture these finishes, it is equally as hard to maintain the finish flawlessly throughout the transportation from manufacturer to warehouse to the store or your home. For this reason, these pure finishes tend to be more expensive and many companies shy away from them altogether. Clever marketers have come up with good solutions.

Color samples of furniture
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Enter cappuccino, espresso, and antique black on the one extreme and off-white, cream, beige, and oyster on the other. These finishes produce the same relative effect and are much easier to produce, store, touch-up, and transport. When buying your furniture, keep those things in mind.

If you do insist on pure finishes, bare in mind that no piece of furniture or finish is absolutely perfect. As long as you understand the limits of the manufacturing and transportation capabilities, you should enjoy your choices for years to come!

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